Mansen Mörinät 2021

Arranged from -TBD-

This event uniting machinery and transport equipment sellers from Pirkanmaa will once again take place in the traditional manner. The event arranged in the Tampere, Pirkkala and Lempäälä region annually attracts more than 10,000 heavy machinery and transport equipment professionals to Pirkanmaa, where they can get to know the products of several hundred specialised companies at their own offices.

Owing to the magnitude of the event, the visitors enjoy the possibility of exploring a number of earthmoving equipment and trucks by different manufacturers at the same time, both new and used. Naturally, many spare part, accessory, and auxiliary equipment manufacturers and service providers participate as well. Some of them present their services and product ranges at their own offices, some co-operate with machinery and truck dealerships.


Welcome to Mörinät!